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Smoke Detectors Save Lives

» Posted on: Feb. 2, 2008 · Print This Print This

It is a fact that most victims who die in a fire could have lived if they only had a smoke detector. There is a misnomer that fire is what will get you and cause you harm. In actuality most victims in a fire are smothered by a fires choking smoke long before the flames ever reach them.

When there is a fire, both you and the fire are in a competition for oxygen. Since the fire doubles in size every minute, unfortunatly it is a battle which you most likely will not win if you do not have a smoke detector.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

The key to surviving a fire is an early warning. A smoke detector properly placed in your home will give you the time you need to escape to safety. I strongly recommend that you place one on each level of your home. If you can not afford that, the most important place to have one is in the hallway leeding to your bedrooms. When you are asleep is when you are most vulnerable.

Remember to change the battery in your smoke detector every 6 months! A good key to go by, is change the battery every time you change your clocks.