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SRFD Practices Self Rescue

» Posted on: Apr. 10, 2008 · Print This Print This

The members of the Sunman Rural Fire Department spent a portion of their weekly training time learning a few of the techniques for self rescue. These techniques utilize the attack lines (i.e. fire hose) and other available tools to allow for escape from either the upper or lower levels of a building.

Escape from Upper Levels

The technique for escaping the upper levels of a building include utilizing an access hole and the attack line to create a fire pole with which the firefighter may slide down to gain access to the next lower level.

Escape from Lower Levels

The technique for escaping the lower levels of a building includes utilizing an attack line and a four man group on the upper level to pull the trapped firefighter to safety. The trapped firefighter must first wrap the attack line around his / her body. Once the attack line is secured the four man group can begin pulling the trapped firefighter to safety.