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SRFD to Purchase Heavy Rescue Truck

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The Dearborn Community Foundation, Inc awarded $100,000 from the City of Lawrenceburg Community Grant Program Phase 2 Grant Program to the Sunman Rural Fire Department for the purchase of a new Heavy Rescue Truck.

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Three Years in the Making

The SRFD truck committee has been working for the past three years to develop the requirements for a new rescue truck that will support the needs of the department for at least the next twenty years. This is lofty goal that was not taken lightly by the truck committee members. Each member meticulously scoured the department’s current rescue truck to gain an understanding of our current requirements for tools, storage, lighting and the other necessities for handling a rescue type incident.

Looking into the Future

The committee members then turned their attention to discovering the needs of the future. These needs were developed by visiting other local and not-so local paid and volunteer fire departments that deal with the number of incidents that the Sunman Rural Fire Department will one day face. This research led the committee to realize that a simple replacement of our current rescue truck would not be adequate for our fire protection area so they began researching the capabilities and options associated with a heavy rescue truck.

Selecting a Vendor

The truck committee solicited five vendors for quotes on a heavy rescue truck meeting the specifications created by the Sunman Rural Fire Department. Four of the vendors returned quotes and two of the vendors delivered demo vehicles to the department so that all of the members on the department would have a chance to examine and critique each truck. Finally, the truck committee members drove to near Columbus, OH to look at a Hackney heavy rescue truck made from a Spartan Chassis Metro Star cab and chassis combo. The committee members quickly realized that this was the truck of choice for the department so they worked with Hackney to develop a purchase plan for a truck meeting all of the committee’s specifications.

Congratulations to the Truck Committee

The SRFD truck committee has earned a well deserved congratulations for the efforts put forth in the selection of the new heavy rescue truck for the Sunman Rural Fire Department. This truck will allow the department to continue to meet the current and future needs of the communities within and around the department’s service area. If all goes according to plan, the truck should be delivered and put into service in 2008.

Enough talking… take a look at our new truck (stock photos shown below)!

Hackney Heavy Rescue Vehicle (Closed)Hackney Heavy Rescue Vehicle (Open)