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1115 Heavy Rescue Truck Dedication

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On Monday, October 27th at 6:30pm the Sunman Rural Fire Department, along with members of the Dearborn Community Foundation, held the dedication ceremony for the new 1115 heavy rescue truck. Chief David Smith led the ceremony as he introduced the attendees which included Ron & Bonnie Powell and David & Michelle Deddens from the Dearborn Community Foundation, the Sunman Rural Fire Department truck committee, and members of the press.

This event was held by the Sunman Rural Fire Department to dedicate the new rescue truck that was funded by a grant from the Dearborn Community Foundation as well as funds from the Sunman Firemen’s Festival, the annual appeal to the community and various other donations received throughout the year from individuals and organizations throughout the community. The department sincerely appreciates the assistance in funding this truck which was built to meet the current safety and performance standards required by a modern fire department.

Equipped for Today… and Tomorrow

The new 1115 is a 2008 Spartan / Hackney heavy rescue truck. It has a cab for 6 firefighters and a 20 foot body to transport equipment and supplies. The truck also includes a command center which contains both 800Mhz and low band radios as well as a laptop computer with GPS mapping capabilities. A 35kW generator supplies power to the entire truck including the numerous box-mounted lights and the 9kW telescoping light tower. The Sunman Rural Fire Department also outfitted this truck with up-to-date Hurst extrication equipment to help ease the task of extrication from today’s complex modern vehicles.

This truck also contains additional equipment for firefighter rehabilitation at the scene including a cooling mist fan, water cooler, and EMS kit. These tools are invaluable in keeping firefighters healthy and capable during emergency incidents. The healthy environment is continued throughout scene overhaul as supplies are also provided to allow for on-scene sanitation of gear and equipment that may have become contaminated during the emergency.

Thank You All!

Once again, the Sunman Rural Fire Department would like to take the time to thank the Dearborn Community Foundation, the members of the Sunman area community, and all those who continue to support us each and every year.

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