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Press Release – Ventilated Locker Purchase

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Sunman Rural Fire Department

PO Box 396, 621 North Meridian Street
Sunman IN 47041

Phone: 812-623-2498 Fax: 812-623-2494

Sunman Rural Fire Department…Press Release… May 13, 2013

The Sunman Rural Fire Department has purchased 40 ventilated lockers to replace the wooden cabinets that were moved from the Department’s former building in 2002. The equipment purchase was funded by $12,000 from the City of Lawrenceburg Community Phase 2 Grant Program to the Sunman Rural Fire Department.

This equipment storage is manufactured to meet current state and national standards to assure that the personal protective gear is properly dried to maintain clean and sanitary working conditions for the firefighters.

The older cabinets were built of plywood and 2X4 lumber by the firefighters to enable storage that would provide quick access when changing into “fire gear” prior to getting into the trucks for an emergency run. The Sunman firefighters held an evening “work detail” to assemble the prefabricated parts of the new lockers. As a result, there was virtually no time when the gear was not ready for use.

The equipment has been in service since mid April. Any interested individual or group may contact the Sunman Rural Fire Department for more information. We sincerely appreciate the support of the Dearborn Community Foundation. About forty percent of the Sunman Rural Fire Department service area is located in Dearborn County.

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