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2013 Annual Appeal

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Contributions to the Sunman Fire Department help fund the cost of the equipment and supplies associated with providing emergency services protection for you and your family. They do not cover all of the expenditures we incur; however, they do provide a major part of the cost of the support of fire and rescue operations.

How our Funding Works

Federal and state government entities that regulate emergency services operations do not provide funding to equip and maintain each Department. Much of our annual operating budget is derived from tax dollars at the local level, however, patrons, like you, must provide monetary donations, as well as the support of our festival, raffles, and dinners so we can keep our equipment and ability to respond up-to-date and compliant.

The Sunman Rural Fire Department enlists an all-volunteer membership who expect nothing in return for our services other than recognition of a job well done. Other emergency services agencies within Ripley County and surrounding areas have gone to paid personnel, either primarily or in part. Those served are now feeling the crisis of that added expense and the resulting threat of lessened service. We here at Sunman Fire are still able to provide quality service with an all-volunteer department. Your donations are essential. Without them we could not operate with up-to-date equipment and supplies. Your contributions make an all-volunteer department possible.

The equipment and the ability to maintain the readiness of this Department reduces the cost of home and business insurance. Lessened readiness will cost all more money out of pocket.


How to Donate

Donations may be made on line by clicking the donate button below. If you live within our fire service area you will also be receiving a letter with a return envelope in which you may make a donation as well.

As always, whether you contribute or not, if you need our assistance, your call to 911 will get a quick response from our department. Thank you for your continued support and God bless you and your family and stay safe throughout the coming year.


The Officers and Firefighters of the Sunman Rural Fire Department